About me

I love my Internet since we met back in 1996. Internet, as a connection of networks, is built on real human relationships as well as physical infrastructure. Only when we establish relationships will we connect our networks, realise interconnection partnerships, reduce costs, increase capacity and also be able to explain innovative but somewhat disruptive technologies to law and policy makers and so continue enhancing the potential of Internet for both business and fellow humans’ benefit.

I speak and can explain geek in this Internet eco-system. I relate to both technical and non—technical, for and not-for profit and I can lead directly or indirectly towards targets. I like bridging networks, policy, business and technology for a progressive and sustainable Internet. AND so I can keep loving my Internet!

GoodNets is where I do realize these together with my clients.

Before GoodNets surfaced, I have worked at Akamai, ICANN, RIPE NCC and METU Computer Center totalling 20+ years. See my full professional history at my LinkedIn Profile